How To Live Longer

The biggest factor that determines how well an individual will age is how they live. The main determinants of how long an individual will live are the manner by which they move about, how they handle stress and how well they eat. Those three factors effectively shape an individual’s ageing process.

Habits of healthy and long life
The following are some of the ways by which a person can readily facilitate longevity:

Avoid over eating
Extensive research indicates that people who live for long stop eating when they are just about 80% full. For instance, the Japanese who have some of the oldest living people are known for this practice. It is therefore a good idea to leave a little bit of food on the plate.

Have more sex
Sex is known to effectively reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease. It is a form of exercise as it gets the heart pumping and reduces stress levels. Having regular sex is therefore an excellent idea if you intend to live for healthily for longer.

Drink in moderation
Drinking in moderation is highly recommended. For instance, a glass of red wine per day is beneficial to the health of the heart. However, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health and may lower your life expectancy a great deal.

Be happy
Having a positive outlook towards life can result in longevity. Being happy is generally beneficial to health and ultimately to longevity. Being happy has also been known to positively impact on individuals with chronic diseases.

More rest
Getting around seven to eight hours of sleep everyday can go a long way in making your hopes for longevity a reality. Modern day life is quite stressful and leaves very little time for rest but everyone should make it a point to have adequate rest in form of sleep.

Eat healthy
Foods such as vegetables and fruits are vital in a diet that aims at longevity. Dark leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach have vitamins that are good for the body. Similarly, fruits contain natural sugars that are ideal for the body unlike the processed ones.

Limit time spent in the sun
Vitamin D from the sun is necessary but excessive exposure to the sun poses a risk of developing skin cancer. The ideal time to enjoy the sun is before 10 AM in the morning.

Daily exercise of high intensity can increase the lifespan of an individual. It is good for metabolism, the mind and the heart.

The above insightful information are some habits of leading a healthy and long life.

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